Clean Way Fuel Fill - Prevent Fuel Tanks From Overflowing - Keep Fuel In Your Tank And Out Of The Water


Clean Way Fuel Fill captures spills before they happen.

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Boaters everywhere are enjoying spill-free, splash-free refueling.
Clean Way™ is the right way to refuel your boat!

Clean Way™ Fuel Fill is designed for horizontal deck fills and deck fills on angle up to 45°.
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Clean Way Fuel Fill for cleaner, faster, safer boat refueling. Never spill another drop!

Clean Way™ Fuel Fill is an innovative fuel filler that works with any nozzle to prevent fuel spills. Insert the device into your boat's gas or diesel deck fill and then insert the fuel nozzle into it. Made of sturdy, chemical-resistant, heavy-duty material, each patented Clean Way™ Fuel Fill comes with an assortment of adapters to match any deck fuel plate and any size fuel nozzle. Click to learn more!

Now, Clean Way™ comes in a smaller, 10" size, making it easier to handle and stow. Great for jet skis and smaller water craft with minimal storage space! Cleaner, faster refueling with Clean Way™!

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Clean Way™ Fuel Fill Captures Fuel Spills Before They Happen