"Clean As It Can Be"

An innovative way to avoid spilling fuel when you fill up.


"Clean Way™ Fuel Fill is an Easy Environmental Decision"

- The Great Lakes Scuttlebutt Editorial

"Clean Way™ Fuel Fill is an example of a product that helps to avoid fuel spills at the pump."

- BoatUS Magazine, Feb./Mar 2021

Clean Way™ Fuel Fill Captures Fuel Spills Before They Happen

It's a fact: fuel tanks belch!  Clean Way™ Fuel Fill's patented baffle design captures fuel overfill and sends it right back into your tank! No splash, no spills, no more fuel-soaked rags! Clean Way™ is only fuel spill prevention device out there that captures spills before they happen!

Stop spending money on fuel absorbent sheets, fuel absorbent towels, fuel absorbent pads, or fuel dispersal sprays. Fill your fuel tank faster and cleaner than ever before!

Order your Clean Way™ today!

See what boaters are saying about Clean Way

Watch Clean Way in action and see what boaters have been raving about. Clean Way Fuel Fill is the only device of its kind designed specifically to prevent nasty fuel burps from spilling and splashing all over you, your boat, and into the water.

Discover what so many boaters already enjoy. A cleaner, faster fueling experience. Use Clean Way every time you refuel.

Inventor Garry Fox unpacks a Clean Way™ Fuel Fill.

Leading publications recognize Clean way as an effective defense against fuel spills! Click below to read full articles.

Refunds. Orders will be refunded upon return and receipt of unused, clean, undamaged product(s).
A restocking fee of $9.95 per returned Fuel Kit will apply to Free Shipping Orders.

Clean Way™ Fuel Fill has two US Patents and a Canadian Patent in place.