A Revolution in Boat Refueling

clean way fuel fill

Garry Fox, inventor of Clean Way™ Fuel Fill, makes spill-free refueling a reality

Clean Way™ Fuel Fill is the answer to every concerned boater's question: "How do I stop fuel spill from splashing me, my boat, and the water when fueling?"

Garry Fox, at Fox Environmental Products LLC in Fort Pierce, Florida, once had the same question and, lacking a suitable answer in theory or product, was determined to design, test, develop, and do whatever else he needed to do to solve that problem. And, boy, did he! Fox, a retired transplant from Las Vegas, Nevada, now makes his home on the southeast coast of Florida. “Although I've owned plenty of boats all my life, when I moved to Florida I found I really could go boating any and every day I wanted to.” He then added, “ I just couldn't stand the slopping of fuel at fuel up. Fuel spillage took some of the pleasure out of boating, not to mention what I knew it must be doing to the environment. I can't think of any boater who doesn't have the same concern.”

The solution? Design a fuel filler that works with any fuel nozzle. That key element is accomplished by inserting the patented Clean Way™ Fuel Fill device into your boat's gas/diesel deck fill and then inserting the fuel nozzle into it. Any fuel overfill or spills from your boat's tank "burping" is captured in the baffle and falls right back into the tank. No more mess! Made of clear, chemical-resistant heavy-duty material, each Clean Way™ Fuel Fill comes with an assortment of adapters to match any deck fuel plate and any size fuel nozzle.


Keeping the environment clean by capturing the spill before it happens.

Now, boaters everywhere are enjoying spill-free, splash-free refueling using Clean Way every time they fuel up. Clean Way collects the fuel that purges from your tank and sends it right back down after the fuel is done belching. Garry's ingenious invention now makes it possible to keep fuel in your tank, away from boat surfaces, and out of the water. Other fuel spill products, like absorbent pads and sprays,  handle clean up after fuel spills, but Clean Way™ is the only device available that captures the spill BEFORE it happens.

Recognized for its effectiveness, Clean Way™ is used by organizations such as the Florida Department of Environmental Protection in Biscayne Bay, Coast Guard base at Norfolk, Virginia, and Santa Barbara Channelkeeper, as well as boaters everywhere.

Boaters, this product isn't a “wannahave.” It's a must have!


Note: The original Clean Way™ Fuel Fill is designed for use on horizontal deck fills, however it will work on any angle up to about a 60° angle. For deck fills on a steeper angle, we recommend the 10-inch Clean Way™ Fuel Fill as it may be easier to hold in place than the larger 12-inch model.
For 90° vertical fuel receivers, use The Clean Way™ Side-Fill Fuel Kit.