Clean Way Fuel Fill - Prevent Fuel Tanks From Overflowing - Keep Fuel In Your Tank And Out Of The Water


See why satisfied boaters love their Clean Way Fuel Fill. They're keeping their watercraft clean while protecting the environment. Boaters everywhere are enjoying totally spill-free refueling using Clean Way. You can, too!

Praises from our online community:


"Also tried out a new environmental product to ensure no fuel spray / fuel spill at the fuel pumps. This product was showcased at the 2017 Miami International Boat Show. Product is Clean Way Fuel Fill. Our boat had a history or not ventilating fast enough wile fueling. This product worked amazing!" – Jason

"I’m excited for the future. This is a great product. Please keep up the good work. Most people talk about saving the water. You guys are literally doing it. Thank you." – Brandon

"At last we had good weather and I used the fuel fill. WOWZER! Not only did it perform as described,it was fantastic to use. I loaded up 200 gallons. The fuel backwashed twice and not a drop hit the boat or the water! Very easy, very simple, utmost usefull. The dockmaster was amazed and grabbed a few other boaters to observe. The entire marina was impressed and I answered many questions - mostly, where and how long to get one. Thanks for a needed and quality invention. My greatest appreciation for a wonderful product. Super super super! Thanks a zillion!" – George

"Hi Garry,
I was out yesterday and wanted to fill my tank to the top so I could program the Garmin on my new Ranger Tug. My first fueling effort ended with one big fuel burp and a bit of a mess which I did get cleaned up. The boat was easy, but the blue jeans took about 3 washes before they stopped smelling like diesel fuel! I thought I’d pretty much filled the tank with my first effort, but it turned out that while I thought I might need 5 to 10 gallons, I took on 30 gallons using the Clean Way Fuel Fill. At the very end, there was a small burp, but your fine device worked exactly as described and not a drop spilled. Thanks so much for an outstanding design and a product I will use every time." – Craig