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Green Your Boating Routine

As the seasonal dial slowly inches its way toward spring, boating enthusiasts begin to stir from their long hibernation. Once warm-weather excursions are in full swing, your boating routine will be, too. Rethinking some simple boating habits can make a big difference in keeping your favorite destinations healthy and pristine for years to come. 

  • Stow securely - Fishing line or plastic bags that fall overboard can sometimes look a lot like dinner to marine wildlife. Be sure to secure smaller items properly and take all trash with you back to shore.
  • Pick it up - Make it a habit to pick up any extra litter, even if it isn’t yours. This is one habit we will all benefit from.
  • Don’t dump - Dumping sewage is illegal. Be sure to take full advantage of free pump stations at marinas.
  • Hazardous Materials - Improper disposal of batteries, paints, chemicals, etc. can be detrimental to the health of fragile ecosystems. Use the appropriate drop-off stations in your area.
  • Recycle - Be a champion of reusable products. They reduce litter along beaches and waterways. Deposit them into recycle bins at the marina.
  • Fishing Line - Monofilament recycling bins are now found at many marinas. Keeping fishing line away from marine life and remanufacturing it into hundreds of other useful materials is a win-win for us and our environment. DIY boaters can create their own portable fishing-line bin by carving an “X” into the lid of a tennis ball container.
  • Report - If you see an injured marine animal, or one entangled in fishing line, don't wait! Contact the proper authorities immediately. 
  • Refuel with Clean Way - When refueling your boat, always use a Clean Way Fuel Fill. Clean Way prevents nasty fuel spills by capturing fuel overfill before it ever gets a chance to hit the water. Fuel spills can spread fast and kill off marine life by destroying their habitats. When you use a Clean Way, you are doing a great service to keeping your environment healthy and safe. Order yours online at
So, boaters, let the slow thaw melt into a welcome Spring. Summer will be upon us soon! Practice these tips for healthier boating habits, and learn how to make Clean Way Fuel Fill a part of your green refueling routine.