Memorial Day Thoughts

We boaters are simple creatures, so it’s easy to access just what us sea dogs value. Calm seas, warm gentle breezes, a sunny weekend forecast, a well-cared for vessel that’s ready to enjoy and the great folks with whom we share our watery adventures. As Americans, our values are as deep and as varied the Atlantic, yet the basics all pretty much bubble to the surface. Our freedom, our diversity, our compassion, our resiliency, our ingenuity and our spirit to discover, explore and experience so many things that collectively become pieces of this glorious American kaleidoscope. 

Memorial Day marks the official start of summer. And though it’s a great way for Americans to traditionally usher in the season of summer fun, it’s important to prioritize the holiday’s true meaning. This Memorial Day, the folks at Clean Way Fuel Fill join with our friends and neighbors to honor those who paid the ultimate price. These heroes paid the courageous and unconditional fee that allows us to go about our everyday lives, free of the weighty worries that plague so many other parts of the world.

This weekend, before you head out, take time to remember those armed forces heroes who gave their all. Share the true meaning of the holiday with your children and grandchildren so that they, too, will remember that Memorial Day is so much more than the official start of summer.

And remember to care for the resources that others are so freely willing to protect on our behalf. Keep the waters we enjoy clean by using Clean Way Fuel Fill every time you refuel. Order yours today and enjoy spill-free refueling all season long. 

Wishing you all a safe and spill-free holiday weekend!

Garry Fox