Protecting Our Waterways Just Got Easier

There’s nothing like being out on the water. Whether motoring to your favorite fishing spot, water skiing across a crystal clear lake, or just cruising the coastline, nothing quite compares to purring engines and the wind in your face. Boating is one of the world's favorite pastimes, and fueling up is just the start of good times on the horizon.

With millions of boaters at the fuel dock, fuel spills are inevitable. At one time or another, a recreational boater is going to experience a nasty fuel tank “burp” where fuel will end up spilling all over the boat and even into the water. It’s alarming, but according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, just one pint (2 cups) of oil released into the water has the ability to quickly spread into a 1-acre oil slick. That’s an area larger than a football field!

Marina fuel spills are becoming a major threat to fragile ecosystems in watershed areas everywhere. And while many conscientious boaters try their best to prevent spills by using absorbent pads or diapers, a recent article from Sailors of the Sea’s Green Boating Guide, states that the first defense is to immediately stop the fuel spill from its source. Enter Clean Way Fuel Fill. It’s the only product on the market today that prevents fuel spills BEFORE they happen. The unique baffle design captures any fuel overfill and sends it right back into the tank where it belongs. It’s easy to use and it works. Imagine - no more spills, splashes or fuel-soaked rags!

Clean Way would like to invite boaters and marinas everywhere to learn more about how they can make a huge environmental impact by simply using a Clean Way Fuel Fill every time they refuel. Check out our videos and feel free to contact us with any questions you might have about our Clean Way Fuel Fill Kits or Marina Racks.

Now you can have fun out on the waterways, and protect them too!