The First Time

Finally. Forsythia and crocus are coloring the landscape, dull patches of earth are freshened with sprigs of green grass, and the air is filled with a gentler coolness. Welcome Spring! Boaters from coast to coast are coming out of hibernation, unwrapping and sprucing up, and are more than ready to hit the water for the first time after a long, brutal winter. The exhilarating feeling when your vessel first slices through the water is hard to describe. It's magical, something like that first bite of pizza or first kiss. And while all boaters share this experience, for many this season will be very different.

Boaters who have discovered Clean Way Fuel Fill will be starting off the season on a cleaner more conscientious note. While others struggle at the pump with harmful fuel spills, fuel-soaked rags and nasty fumes, Clean Way boaters will be enjoying the benefits of spill-free, splash-free refueling, all while helping to protect their environment by keeping marine fuel in the tank and out of the water.

If you’re new to Clean Way, check out our videos and our testimonials page to see what the buzz is all about. You’ll see how this unique, well-constructed, well-thought-out device goes above and beyond in solving spillage from burping fuel tanks by capturing spills before they happen. Once you experience the benefits, you’ll wonder why someone didn’t think of this a lot sooner!

So, before that first excursion, be sure to fill your first tank with a Clean Way Fuel Fill and you'll enjoy spill-free refueling all season long. Order the original 12" or the smaller 10"  for craft with minimal storage space.

Welcome Spring, bring on Summer!

Garry Fox