Why Should Every Boater Use a Clean Way?

One of the most difficult things for folks to do is to break a habit, or to create a new one. In our quest to bring awareness to the dangers of even the smallest of fuel spills, we at Clean Way have come to understand and appreciate the routines of many boaters, and while most of them take time to practice a proper safety routine at the dock, the main focus is getting out there to enjoy their day on the water. And who can blame them?

Unfortunately, the danger of your favorite lake or waterway becoming polluted is a reality. All boat fuel tanks, at some point, will belch fuel. And if enough boats belch fuel weekend after weekend, splashes that spill into the water will work slowly and persistently to destroy marine plants and animal life beneath the shimmering blue surface.  
So, why should every boater use a Clean Way Fuel Fill?

  1. To protect your investment. Clean Way Fuel Fill keeps your boat surfaces free of damaging spills. Imagine being able to shield your gelcoat or that expensive refurbished teak deck from fuel spills and splashes!
  2. To protect the health and safety of you and your passengers. Clean Way puts and end to having to endure nasty fumes from fuel-soaked rags or absorbent pads.
  3. To protect your environment. Preventing fuel from spilling at the dock will allow your marine environment to thrive. Your favorite boating spot will be around for your kids and your grandkids to enjoy for years to come.
  4. It’s so easy. The few, effortless seconds it takes to insert your Clean Way into your boat’s fuel deck will make a world of difference… to you, your passengers, your boat, and your environment.
  5. You’ll be part of the solution. You’ll know that you’re doing all you can to help preserve our fragile world. Using a Clean Way Fuel Fill is one way your can teach your youngest future skippers how to make positive changes that last. And that’s something you can feel good about.  
With all the great reasons for using this ingenious device, the question now changes: Why aren’t you using a Clean Way?

Start a great new habit. Get yours today at