Winter Downtime

Once the busy holiday season is done and the new year’s noise makers are packed away, avid boaters face some serious downtime. While vessels in colder climates wait patiently, frozen in shrink-wrapped silence, boaters dream of exhilarating weekend destinations under warmer, bluer skies that are only months away. Till then, now is a good time to throw another log on the fire, grab your favorite boating magazines and catch up on the latest models and all that new and improved boating paraphernalia you didn’t find under the tree.

It’s also a great time to learn about Clean Way Fuel Fill. Clean Way is an innovative fuel spill prevention device that will help keep all the favorite boating destinations you dream about free of nasty fuel spills. The few seconds it takes to insert a Clean Way into the boat fuel deck will make a world of difference to the health of our precious marine ecosystems. Most marine fuel spill preventers seem sufficient on the onset, but Clean Way is the only device that can capture the fuel spill before it ever reaches the water. Boat surfaces stay clean and there’s no need for bibs or absorbent pads. It even lets you fuel up faster, so you can spend less time at the dock and more time on the water.

Environmental groups and U.S. Coast Guard Stations are using Clean Way as part of their boat refueling routine. They, and recreational boaters everywhere, have solved the problem of burping fuel splashing all over their clothes and their boat surfaces, and even spilling into the water, by using this handy and ingenious device. So, while you’re settling into your downtime, take a few minutes to learn about Clean Way Fuel Fill and how adding it to your refueling routine can take the pain out of refueling mishaps.

Boating season will be here before you know it. Make it even better with Clean Way on board.  Click here to learn more.