Clean Way Fuel Fill 10" Baffle Kit - Clean Way Fuel Fill
Clean Way Fuel Fill 10" Baffle Kit - Clean Way Fuel Fill

Clean Way Fuel Fill 10" Baffle Kit

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Clean Way's new 10" size makes handling and storage a breeze! Perfect for jet skies and smaller water craft! Clean Way Fuel Fill is the answer to every concerned boater's question, "How do I prevent fuel spills?" Refuel with Clean Way! Manufactured with a series of baffles, the fuel simply returns to the fill when the nozzle shuts off. No spills, no splashes, no mess! The 10" kit includes a sturdy 10" Clean Way Fuel Fill, 3 rubber deck fill adapters and 2 nozzle adapters. Works with standard and high-speed gas or diesel pumps.

• Stops fuel spill
• Clean Way baffle design catches fuel overflow
• Fuel drains back into tank
• No hull or deck clean up
• No fuel on hands or clothes
• No need for fuel-absorbent pads, rags or spray cleaners
• Environmentally friendly
• 2 Rubber Nozzle adapters included for low and high speed pumps
• 3 Rubber Deck Fill fittings will fit most threaded fuel fills
• Made of heavy-duty clear composite

If your fuel cap has large beads, we strongly recommend ordering a Chain Extender Leash to ensure a tight seal.


Click the image above for detailed instructions.

Retail Box Dimensions: 4" x 6" x 12"

Prevent Fuel Tank Overflow - Stop Spills Before They Happen -  Clean Way™ Fuel Fill is an  innovative fuel filler that works with any nozzle to prevent messy overfill. Insert the Clean Way™ Fuel Fill baffle into your boat's gas or diesel deck fill opening. Then, insert the fuel nozzle into the Clean Way™ Fuel Fill. Each Clean Way™ Fuel Fill Kit includes an assortment of adapters to match any deck fuel plate and any size fuel nozzle.