Clean Way Defender 12" - Clean Way Fuel Fill
Clean Way Defender 12" - Clean Way Fuel Fill
Clean Way Defender 12" - Clean Way Fuel Fill

Clean Way Defender 12" - Designed for use ONLY on Sea-Dog flip top 2-1/4” fuel receivers

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THIS KIT IS SET UP EXCLUSIVELY FOR USE ON SAFE-BOATS Or Boats Equipped With The Sea-Dog Flip Top 2 1/4"+ Deck Fill

Clean Way Defender 12", with its ingenious patented design, is the new solution for totally spill-free refueling. Made specifically for defender-class boats, it allows you to fill confidently to 100% capacity while putting an end to dangerous spills, splashes and fuel-soaked rags. Protects personnel, vessel, equipment and the environment. Manufactured with a series of baffles, the fuel simply returns to the tank when the nozzle shuts off. No spills, no splashes–-a cleaner, safer refueling experience.

The Defender 12" comes with custom made deck fill that fits the size Sea-Dog fuel receivers. It also comes with 2 nozzle adapters that work with standard and high-speed gas or diesel pumps.

• Stops fuel spill
• Clean Way baffle design catches fuel overflow
• Fuel drains back into tank
• No hull or deck clean up
• No fuel on hands or clothes
• No need for fuel-absorbent pads, rags or cleaner
• Environmentally friendly
• 2 rubber nozzle adapters
• Heavy duty clear composite
• 3-year warranty

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Retail Box Dimensions: 4" x 6" x 12"

Prevent Fuel Tank Overflow - Insert the Clean Way™ Fuel Fill baffle into your boat's gas or diesel deck fill opening. Then, insert the fuel nozzle into the Clean Way™ Fuel Fill. Made of chemical-resistant, heavy-duty composite material, the Clean Way™ Fuel Fill can be configured to match any deck fuel plate and will fit both gas and diesel fuel nozzles.